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Rescuing a Patient


-  CPR Instruction and Hands On Training are OSHA Qualifications for Many Businesses?*  

 - People Who Have Had CPR Training are More Likely to Give High Quality Chest Compressions and are More Confident About Their Skills Than Those Who Have Not Been Trained?*

- 10,000 Workplace Cardiac Arrests Occur Yearly?*

- 1 in 3 Safety Managers Reported Lives Have Been Saved With This Training?*

- Survival Rates Without CPR Decrease by 10% as Each Minute Passes?*

- 350,000 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests Occur Each Year?*

- On Average, Someone Dies of CVD Every 37 Seconds in the USA?*

- Almost 90% of People Who Suffer Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Die?*

- 9 in 10 Cardiac Arrest Victims Who Receive a Shock from an AED in the First Minute Live?*

- Your Business may Qualify for Insurance Discounts When CPR Certified?

*AHA General Statistics

100% Onsite Instructor Led
AHA Certification
CPR / First Aid / AED / BLS Pro
Serving Southeast ND And Surrounding Businesses

Creating Confidence-Certifying Care

HeartStart Masters by Murphy

HEARTSTART MASTERS by MURPHY LLC provides an onsite, AHA Certified, Instructor led, learning environment. Our goal is to help countless ND and surrounding businesses provide their teams and customers with confidence, care, and compliance. Our cost efficient and professional training methods help participants prepare for emergency situations requiring CPR and First Aid.  We use only up-to-date approved AHA curriculum and certification to meet the needs of emerging industries and employee opportunity.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can provide exceptional service to you!

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