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My Story

Jeana Murphy
Owner/AHA Certified Instructor

Welcome to Heartstart Masters! My name is Jeana Murphy. 

My love for learning and the ability to make a positive impact on others began early on in my career. When I was 18 years old, I began working in-home healthcare where I provided services to those with medical needs and disabilities. I trained as an EMT and attended college where I graduated with honors. Some of my achievements were: Academic of Excellence Award, Most Outstanding Student Award, NCSC, PTK, Golden Key International Honor Society, and receiving degrees in Art and Business Management. 

As a business professional, I have over 25 years of progressive experience in building relationships, managing and growing businesses, and creating meaningful workplace environments while serving others in our community every day. My AHA Instructor alignment is with Sanford.

My personal experience and appreciation for effective training and respiratory healthcare came during the time my 8-week-old son was struggling to breathe and had an increasing fever. My husband and I monitored his symptoms as we drove to a local ER. There, a doctor and several nurses tried for almost 1.5 hours to administer medication and IVs to no avail. I then sat beside him in an ambulance as we rushed to a children's hospital. There, the cause was determined to be a collapsed lung. Thankfully, from knowing to react quickly and receiving the correct care we are now able to spend a lot of time making memories with our healthy and happy growing boy. His life brings joy to us every day, and I wish that joy upon all! 


- Jeana -

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